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Welcome to the Hawaiʻi Statewide Assessment Program Portal

This portal is your source for information about the Hawaiʻi Statewide Assessment Program.

The ACT and Optional Career Readiness Assessments Go to website

The Department will continue to implement The ACT in SY 2021-22. This college admissions assessment is to be administered to all students enrolled in grade 11 (as defined by credit count in the Student Information System) who have not been administered the test in a prior year (i.e., students repeating grade 11 who have taken the test in a previous year are not expected to be administered the assessment). Schools have the option of administering The ACT on one or more of the statewide administration dates, March 1, March 29, or April 26, 2022 in a paper/pencil mode or online mode on the dates in the table below.

In addition to The ACT, the Department will also provide, at no cost to schools, the optional PreACT assessments to help students prepare for college and workplace readiness in the Optional College and Career Readiness Assessments Administration table below.

The ACT Administration

Assessment Grade Mode Test Window
Open Close
The ACT 11 Paper Test Date 1: 03/01/22 03/01/22
Test Date 2: 03/29/22 03/29/22
Test Date 3: 04/26/22 04/26/22
The ACT Online
(including tests with accommodations that can be administered online)
(Tu, W, Th only)
03/01/22 03/10/22
03/29/22 04/07/22
04/26/22 05/05/22
The ACT with Accommodations (paper) Paper 03/01/22 03/11/22
03/29/22 04/08/22
04/26/22 05/06/22

OPTIONAL College and Career Readiness Assessments Administration




Test Window




9 & 10




Hawaiʻi ACT State Testing Site for The ACT and Optional Career Readiness Assessments Go to website

The ACT General Inquiries Customer Service
(800) 553-6244 ext. 2800
Contact Us
Customer service hours:  Monday – Friday:   3:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. HST

The ACT Accommodations Customer Service
(800) 553-6244 ext. 1788
Customer service hours:  Monday – Friday:   3:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. HST

PreACT General Questions
(877) 789-2925

WorkKeys General Questions
(800) 553-6244 ext 2800

WorkKeys Accommodations Questions
(800) 553-6244 ext. 1788

Hawaiʻi DOE Intranet webpage for The ACT and Optional Career Readiness Assessments Go to Website
The Hawaiʻi Department of Education’s internal Intranet website contains archived information for the 2012-13 and 2014-15 administrations of the ACT Explore, ACT Plan, and ACT Plus Writing Assessments, and the 2015-16 administration of the ACT Aspire and The ACT Assessments.

Kaiapuni Assessment of Educational Outcomes (KĀʻEO) Go to website

The University of Hawaiʻi Mānoa and Ka Papahana Loiloi Kaiapuni of the Office of Hawaiian Education developed and administer the Kaiapuni Assessment of Educational Outcomes (KĀʻEO) in Hawaiin Language Arts, Mathematics and Science in the Hawaiian language. The Hawaiian language arts and mathematics assessments are administered to grades 3 - 8 students in the Hawaiian Language Immersion Program. The science assessments are administered to grade 5 & 8 students in the program. All three assessments (Hawaiian Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science) will be administered at the same time, during the same testing window.

Recent Announcements

As stated in the March 23, 2018 DOE memo, the Department of Education will not be offering courtesy testing utilizing the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) in English for Kaiapuni students. Currently, KĀʻEO is the Department's only method to provide kaiapuni student assessment data for federal accountability purposes. The Kaiapuni program is designed with the intent that "assessments conceptualized and developed with the English language as their focus are inappropriate and invalid methods of assessment for Kaiapuni students. Student achievement is directly connected to the medium of instruction" (The Foundational & Administrative Framework for Kaiapuni Education, 2015). All Kaiapuni students in Grades 3-8 will be assessed using the KĀʻEO assessment to meet requirements for federal accountability purposes.

KĀʻEO Contact Information

The Help Desk is open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM for the duration of the testing window. Help Desk personnel have been trained to address questions about aspects of the test administration both technical and logistical.

  1. Help Desk phone number: 808-956-7834
  2. Help Desk email:
  3. Website:
  4. Physical Address:
    Hawaiian Immersion Assessment Project
    Attn: Pōhai Kukea Shultz
    1776 University Avenue, Everly 126
    Honolulu, HI 96822

NAEP Go to website

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), also known as The Nation's Report Card, is a congressionally-mandated project administered by the National Center on Education Statistics (NCES). The NAEP program includes assessments in a variety of subjects (e.g., mathematics, reading, civics, U.S. history, technology and engineering literacy, science, and writing).

NAEP is the only assessment that serves as a common measure of student achievement across the country, providing valuable data on student performance in comparison to other states and long-term trends in student performance within and across key demographic groups. NAEP results have been an important metric to analyze the impact of systemic and school-level efforts on student achievement for nearly the past 30 years. NAEP results have highlighted the significant growth Hawaii students have shown in grade 4 reading and mathematics, while also informing leaders of apparent need areas to improve services to students and schools.

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires schools in all districts that receive Title I funding to participate in the NAEP mathematics and reading assessments for grades 4 and 8, which are typically administered every two years, between January – March of odd-numbered years. However, the NAEP 2021 assessments have been postponed due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on schools across the country. The postponement will move the grade 4 and 8 mathematics and reading assessments to the 2021-2022 school year.

Hawaiʻi DOE Intranet* webpage for NAEP Go to website

The Hawaiʻi Department of Education’s internal website contains additional information and resources related to the NAEP assessments.

ACCESS for ELLs Go to website

The ACCESS for ELLs is a secure large-scale English language proficiency assessment administered to Kindergarten through 12th grade students who have been identified as English language learners (ELLs). It is given annually in WIDA Consortium member states to monitor students’ progress in acquiring academic English. ACCESS for ELLs is only available to Consortium member states. ACCESS for ELLs is aligned with the WIDA English Language Development Standards and assesses each of the four language domains of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. The assessment will be available in online format for Grades 1-12 for all Hawaii schools. Kindergarten, Alternate ACCESS for ELLs, and Grades 1-3 for writing will be given the paper-based tests.

The online ACCESS for English Language Learners (ELLs) is required for all identified English Learners (ELs) in grades K-12. For those students in grades 1-12 who are classified as ELs and have significant cognitive disabilities, a paper-and-pencil test for the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs will be available. For detailed information and relevant attachments regarding the annual ELP assessment, refer to the Hawaiʻi State-Specific ELP Assessment Manual.

Test Coordinator Information

State specific guidance and other information related to coordination and administration of the ACCESS for ELLs assessments are available by logging in to the WIDA website. The ACCESS for ELLs Checklist provides steps that need to be taken by school level staff in order to properly administer the assessments.

ACCESS Important Dates

Testing Specifics Start Date End Date
Pre-Testing WIDA AMS Test Setup Available for Test Sessions Mon 12/6/21 Fri 2/25/22
Districts Receive Test Materials (On) Wed 1/5/22 Wed 1/5/22
SEA Loads Pre-ID File in AMS (2ⁿᵈ Upload) Mon 1/3/22 Mon 1/3/22
During Testing Test Window Mon 1/10/22 Fri 2/25/22
Additional Test Material Ordering Window in WIDA AMS Wed 1/5/22 Fri 2/18/22
Post-Testing Deadline for Shipping Completed Test Materials to DRC Fri 3/4/22 Fri 3/4/22
Reports and Data Files Available - Online in WIDA AMS Fri 4/29/22 Fri 4/29/22
Reports Available in Districts - Printed (On) Thu 5/12/22 Thu 5/12/22

Help Students Do Their Best:

WIDA is committed to providing resources and support for helping students feel informed and comfortable with their ACCESS for ELLs testing experience. This is especially important now that expectations of student performance are increasing as a result of standard setting. This link provides resources that educators can use to help prepare students for testing, which includes a Quick Start Guide.

ACCESS for ELLs Contact Information

  1. WIDA Client Services Center: or call toll free 1-866-276-7735
  2. Hawaii DOE ELL Program Manager: Andreas Wiegand
    ph: (808) 305-9717
  3. Hawaii DOE Assessment Section Online ACCESS state lead: Karen Tohinaka
    ph: (808) 307-3636